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Rethinking Learning: Amplifying Inquiry, Honoring Agency

In this episode, we discuss my early life growing up in Virginia, my experience as a student and dealing with perfectionism, systemic problems in the world of education and the work we have before us, literacy coaching, honoring all languages in our schools, and living out our values as lifelong learners. 

The Many Voices of Grit

This week, I talked with Vernon Wright of DisruptED TV. You may recall that I have written a few articles for DisruptED TV in the past. They are an excellent professional resource for thought-provoking articles, videos, podcasts, and more. Recently, Vernon has been hosting a series entitled The Many Voices of Grit. I am honored […]

Making Better Teachers: The Literacy Coach

Recently, I had the pleasure of talking with Kevin O’Shea on his new podcast, Making Better Teachers. In addition to producing insightful podcasts, Kevin is also an international educator with a passion for outdoor learning and play. I am thankful to have him as a part of my professional learning network, and it was a […]

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I have had the honor of speaking at numerous international conferences, including EARCOS and EdmodoCon. If what I write resonates with you, please contact me regarding keynote speaking opportunities at your next conference or event.


I am an advocate for inquiry learning—not just for students, but for teachers and leaders, too. My professional development workshops provide educators with hands-on opportunities to learn more about best practices in literacy education, technology integration, and instructional design.  Workshops include topics such as: Amplifying Inquiry in Readers’ and Writers’ Workshop, The Moves of Student-centered Coaching, Fostering a Growth Mindset, Efficient and Engaging Word Study in Grades 3-8, and How the Workshop Model Supports the PYP and MYP.


Coaching is a true passion of mine. I continue to learn so much about myself and how we learn by coaching alongside other educators. The purpose of coaching is to help you work toward your vision. It’s not about judging—or even leading. It’s about empowering. I coach others to reflect and question in order to find the answers that are already waiting inside. I currently offer in-person sessions in Tokyo and virtual sessions online around the world.